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Our Trucks

Our two trucks are not hard to miss! We love traveling to near by cities throughout the summertime. We park at Beca House Coffee in Upper Sandusky and at Heise Park in Galion a few times a month.
Reserve our truck for your private event! (weddings, graduation parties, birthday parties, etc.). Click here to reserve our truck for your upcoming event!


Who doesn’t love a bright red fire truck? In 2016 our local fire department bought its new pumper truck and no longer needed an equipment truck. Mark’s dad, Ed, has been a member of the volunteer department for over 26 years, and approached the trustees about selling it to Mark’s Homemade. They agreed. 


While on the fire department, the truck was named “275.” Her role was to carry tools, air tanks, and other equipment that didn’t fit on the fire truck to the emergencies. She was an integral part of the Holmes Township Department.


Mark and Ed did most of the renovations themselves. The truck was gutted, and white board, plumbing, and flooring was installed. Mark’s Uncle Jeremy came and helped them with the electricity - which they completed in a day! Local companies installed the window, generator, and artwork. (The artwork and logo were designed by our friend, Kevin.)


As you can see, Mark’s Homemade has left the lights on top and the “Emergency call 911” words on the side as a tribute to her honorable past. (Plus, sometimes needing ice cream IS an emergency!)


Our newest truck, purchased in March 2018, is a hard worker as well. In her former life, you would have found her on construction sites around Norton, OH. She hauled tools and equipment for a local contractor and could be seen in her original bright yellow paint job all over the area. To maintain our branding colors, she was painted fire engine red. However, her name remained Norton to help connect her to her roots.

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