Our Story

The love of ice cream has been in our family for generations. Mark’s great grandpa made ice cream for family and friends the old fashioned way, with a hand crank and pure muscle. In more recent times, we have made small batches, using an electric freezer, for celebrations and just for the pure joy of eating and sharing this delicious treat.

Mark’s first taste of ice cream came at a very early age…when a close family friend slipped him a taste of mint chocolate chip at seven months old. He LOVED it-and so the journey began.

Our purpose at Mark’s Homemade is to serve customers the best ice cream they have ever tasted. Mark’s Homemade is a premium ice cream made in small batches which results in the freshest product possible. The ice cream is made on site here in Bucyrus, not shipped in from a factory.  Each time you visit Mark’s Homemade you will find several flavors that are always favorites on the menu, along with new and seasonal options.  Flavor choices are kept to a minimum so we can focus on each flavor’s quality.  You will discover it is rich, creamy, and completely irresistible!

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