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  • Is your ice cream actually "homemade"?
    Yes! You can’t go wrong with our made fresh, small-batch, local product crafted here in Crawford County! Below you can see our machine, it makes six gallons of ice cream per batch.
  • Where are you located?
    Our shop is located at 201 N. Sandusky St. in downtown Bucyrus, OH! Our trucks travel to different nearby cities all throughout the summer! You can find locations from our Facebook page with our daily postings!
  • Do you have any sugar free flavors?
    Creating a sugar free ice cream from scratch is tricky, but we are actively pursuing a sugar-free option. Sugar-free ice cream mix is hard to come by for small batch ice cream producers. We understand and sympathize with those who cannot enjoy our ice cream due to its sugar content.
  • Do you have any dairy free flavors?
    Currently we do not have any dairy-free options. Dairy-free is something we are pursuing for the future!
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